Three Vaporesso EUC Coils

Vaporesso EUC Ceramic SS316L 0.6Ω Coil - 5 Pack

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The Vaporesso EUC (Eco Universal Coil) is a threadless coil system which simply drop in to compatible Vaporesso atomizers. No more dealing with hard to change coils!

Vaporesso suggests using this coil at 40-55W. It features a SS316L coil and ceramic wick. It is very important to make sure that the ceramic wick is fully saturated with liquid before use.

Coil resistance: 0.6Ω

Wick material: ceramic

Wire material: SS316L

Vaporesso's EUC coils are compatible with the following Vaporesso tanks:


Estoc Mega

Veco (included with the Tarot Nano)

Veco Plus



5x EUC Ceramic SS316L 0.3Ω Coils
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