Samsung 25R 2500mAh 18650 Battery - Flat Top

Samsung 25R 2500mAh 18650 Battery - Flat Top

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The Workhorse Samsung 25R Battery

The Samsung 25R is a powerful 18650 battery which is excellent for nearly all vaping applications. We haved tested the 25R in every compatible device that we carry, and they work flawlessly.

The Samsung 25R is a great all-rounder 18650 battery that performs great in nearly all applications. Please take care when handling batteries, and do not use a battery with a damaged wrapper.

These are guaranteed authentic Samsung 25R cells sourced from an extremely reliable wholesaler. The Samsung 25Rs we cell are the M variant, which are made in Malaysia.

According to the trusted battery reviewer Mooch, the Samsung 25R M variant has the same capacity as the Samsung 25R5, but stays cooler when under load. Unfortunately, the 25R M doesn't hit as hard as the 25R5, but this only impacts mechanical or unregulated devices. Mooch rates these cells at 30 maximum vaping amps.

When transporting batteries, do not place them into a pocket or bag without a case! The battery's wrapper can be damaged by debris, and if a connection is made between the positive and negative terminals (by loose change, for example), there may be explosive results. We offer low priced protective battery cases in a variety of colors both in hard plastic and silicone.


For orders of 10+ batteries, please contact us via our wholesale contact form.


Capacity: 2500mAh
Continuous Discharge: 20A
Type: 18650 flat top
What's in the box?
1x Samsung 25R
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